Monday, July 25, 2016


I haven't checked in to the blog stats for a long time.  This was a year long project that I did with the family and once it was over I stopped posting, but I found out that people (sometimes 200+ a day) are still looking at the projects we did!!  Wow!  So I ask that you check out the archives for some great project ideas or recipes and I THANK YOU for stopping by to visit!

As a personal update, the family still enjoys a lot of the recipes we made over the year.  In fact, I have the chimichurri recipe from Argentina in the fridge right now!  My kids are doing great and we have really fun memories of our year "abroad".  I am now back to work in a preschool classroom and every other Friday I take the class on a "trip" to another country!  They love it and my projects and recipes are proving to be very helpful curriculum tools!

My babies then (2013) at a Netherlands Festival
Getting big!! (2016) at Legoland

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