Sunday, October 6, 2013

Happy October

Hi Everyone!!

I haven't posted for awhile, so I thought I would give you an update and, for those of you new to the site, share some of the fun places we visited LAST October!!

The kids are growing up too fast for me!  My daughter is in 1st grade and seems to be really enjoying herself.  Her favorite part of 1st grade????  THREE RECESSES :)  She's my daughter alright.

My son is four in Pre-K and his teachers have commented on the impressive vocabulary and knowledge he has on many subjects!  I'm gonna take some of the credit for that from all the exposure to new things we had during the past year, but I think I also have to share some credit to shows like the Wild Kratts and Octonauts. 

I went back to work part-time as a teacher at my son's preschool.  Not in his classroom, but close enough to see him a few times a day :)  I'm hoping to incorporate some of our travels into the class's curriculum but I've only been there a short time ...

Since the blog is still getting a lot of hits, I thought I would direct you to some of the fun we had last October!  We tried to visit some of the more "spooky" countries. 

Be sure to check out our visits to:
  • Egypt    We visited an amazing museum to see a real mummy, made scarab beetles and built pyramids.

  • Romania  Vampires. hand-painted pottery and cabbage rolls...what's not to love?!

  • Scotland  We found the legendary "Sock Ness" Monster, played a round of golf and had some awesome Haggis.  Yes, I used the words "awesome" and "haggis" in the same sentence!

  • Mexico   A great education on Dias de los Muertos when we visited a festival.  Tips on homemade tortillas and, of course, the Chupacabra!!!!

Looking back on these posts fills me with so much joy!  We had so much fun doing all those activities and trying the new food.  In fact, we still love making our own tortillas, the vampire project is proudly displayed on the porch and that Sock Ness monster keeps rearing her head every once in awhile :)  I hope you try some projects and make some memories yourself!! 

Have a great day and thanks for stopping by!! 


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