Friday, March 29, 2013

Let's Learn Russian!

Russian 101

Not an actual student of mine :)
Welcome to the super- duper beginner's course in learning Russian.  Taught by me.  How, you may ask, do I know Russian?  Well, I don't really, but I have taught at least 3 children who came to my class as 2 year olds that only spoke Russian.  So I will teach you what I learned from their parents.  "Ne plach"- that means no crying.  Seems harsh to say to a little kid but that was what they taught me to say.  Also, "moloko" is milk.  I probably also learned how to say "let me change your diaper" and "mommy will be back" but I don't remember those.  There, that is the extent of my teaching.  I know, pretty impressive.  Luckily, I was able to get some words and phrases from the internet.  The Russian language also uses its own alphabet so I found an example of that too.  Isn't the internet the best thing ever invented??? 

Here goes...  (the capital letters should be stressed in these first 2 sections)

Hi - privEt     Good Bye- dos vidAnya   Thank You- spasiba
Yes- da    No - Nyet     I Love You- ya tiby A l'ubly U

1- adin     2- dva     3- tri     4- chitYri    5- p'At     6- shEst
7- sEm     8- vOsim    9- dEvit    10- dEsit

(not sure exactly which syllable is stressed- sorry)

Black- chyor-niy     White- byeh-liy     Red- krahs-niy
Blue- see-niy     Green- zee-lyoh-niy   Yellow- zhyol-tiy

Russia is a wonderful country- Rasiya zamichAtel naya stranA

Tonight we are going out to eat at a Russian restaurant :)  I will let you know tomorrow how it went, but I thought it fitting that the last phrase should be......

 Bon Appetit-  Khoroshiy Appetit!!!!  

No, this is not the Russian restaurant!!! Dosvidanya everyone!!!