Sunday, July 28, 2013

The End

A learning experience

I thought I knew a lot about the world, and I felt like this project would be a breeze.  Well, as I've done the last 52 (!!) weeks of learning about the world, I've realized that I had and still have a lot to learn.  If anyone takes anything away from this blog I hope it is the lesson to NEVER STOP LEARNING!!  I am so glad we took this challenge.  Yeah, I wanted to make a million dollars and have a million fans (doesn't everyone?) but I am more than happy knowing that the family has stepped out of our comfort zone on many occasions and learned more about the different cultures of the world in the past year than some people learn in a lifetime. 

I hope I have started a love of learning in the kids that lasts forever.  I hope we have inspired you to try that new exotic fruit or restaurant, to go to that festival or store, to visit another country or learn a new language.  I hope we gave you some new dinner favorites or fun ideas. We have really enjoyed this experience, in fact, my son asked if we could start all over again.  But, we've been on our journey long enough.  I will continue to update the blog as ideas, recipes, amazing facts or field trips happen, but we won't be doing a country each week.  Probably, never say never, right?

We live on an amazing planet with AMAZING people, places and animals - get out there and check them out- you'll be glad you did

Thank you for following along on our adventures!!  It was the thought that people were actually reading this that made me keep it up on those days when it got to be a lot of work.  I hope you got something out of the experience :) Please use this blog as a resource but know that most, if not all, of the information was taken from the internet and, even though I saw the same info on multiple sites, I cannot verify it's factualness.
Is "factualness" even a word?  See? Never stop learning :)