Thursday, December 6, 2012

The Ancient Art of Mosaic

Mosaic Pictures a la Ancient Iraq

Actually, a la Mesopotamia, since back in the day that's what the area was called.  The art of arranging colored tiles into patterns, pictures or designs has been happening in these parts for thousands of years.  Some of the earliest ones are dated back to 2000 BC.  The craftsmanship of the early Sumerians was so amazing that many of the works are still able to be seen today.  The tile in our bathroom was put in 5 years ago, and it's already got cracks!!  Things sure aren't made the way they used to be :)  Anyway, this sounded like a project we could do.  I wasn't sure my daughter would get into it but she kept telling me how fun it was - and her picture turned out very well!!  My son was in Jedi mode today and this was a little too calm for him.

For the project you will need:
  • Different colors of construction paper
  • contact paper (or glue but this is easier)
  • scissors
1.  Cut the paper into strips and the strips into squares.  Good scissor practice for the kindergartener :)
2. Cut a piece of contact paper whatever size you'd like.  Turn it over and peel off backing.  This is your canvas.

3. Arrange the paper "tiles" in any design you'd like.  Mine was a modern design but my daughter made a flower in a dark night sky.

It was very relaxing to sort through the paper and fit the little pieces where you think they should be. 

You just get in the zone and the rest of the world kinda fades away - try it some rainy day and see what you come up with.