Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Week 33: Cameroon

Why Cameroon?

Well, I agree that Cameroon is a unique choice, but that's exactly why I picked it!  We all have some knowledge about the big countries already, but what do you know about Cameroon??  Do you even know where it is?  Let's learn together...

Cameroon is in the part of Africa known as the "armpit".  An unfortunate name for what seems like a beautiful part of the country. 
 The capital city is Yaounde, it's coordinates are 3.86°N / 11.51°E.   It was originally founded as a base for German ivory traders, but after WWI it became the territory of France.  The name Cameroon came from the Portuguese explorers who discovered that the rivers were teeming with crayfish and mud prawns- what they call "cameroes".   The country has been the territory of both England and France at times, which explains why the two official languages of the country are English and French.  Since I never got to my French lesson last week, we'll get that opportunity this week! 

The country has a tropical climate and receives a lot of rainfall, as a result they can produce many crops.  Coffee, bananas, cocoa and cotton are a few of their main exports, as well as, oil and other petroleum products. 

The flag of Cameroon reflects the wonders of the country.  It features a star and 3 bands of color.  Green symbolizes the lush vegetation.  Red is for independence and Yellow symbolizes the sunshine!

One of the main tourist attractions in Cameroon is Waza National Park where you can see wild giraffe, elephants and antelope living in their natural lands.  Hmmm, dare I try another giraffe project?

We will do a few fun projects this week and I hope we can learn more about this little known country!!