Monday, December 3, 2012

Week 20: Iraq

Iraq- the Garden of Eden

Because it is the Christmas season, when love and peace towards all is in the air, I thought we should do a country that has been torn by war and turmoil lately.  I chose Iraq because it also has a lot to learn about!  Here are a few facts about Iraq:
  • the name means "the fertile" or "deep-rooted" in Arabic and refers to the rich soil of the land, which lies between the Tigris and Euphrates rivers.
  • Some believe this area is what the Bible refers to when they speak of the Garden of Eden.
  • the country is located in Western Asia, in an area that was home to one of the first civilizations in the world - Mesopotamia.
  • The capital, Baghdad, founded in 1867 BC, is one of the oldest metropolises in the world.  On the map- 32.54°N/ 44.4°E
  • Iraq has been credited with bringing us the 60 second minute, the 60 minute hour and the first accurate calendar.
  • Iraqi people have kept bees for over 5000 years and have used honey as food and a source of income.
Iraq is a country that has a deep, rich background of culture and history and it is a shame that the wars and destruction caused by greed and power have ruined many of the historical areas.  This week we will forget about the wars and fighting and focus on the history and culture of Iraq.  We are going to make a sweet sesame cookie, a mosaic like the ancient Mesopotamians did (well, kinda), and another project I haven't decided on yet :)  Any suggestions would be appreciated...  In fact, I love getting comments, so please leave any you have - unless they're mean.  Peace.