Monday, July 1, 2013


Happy Independence Day!

It's July 1st, and here in the U.S. we are getting ready to celebrate the 4th of July, or Independence Day.  We have fireworks and picnics, go swimming or to parties.  It's a big deal.  But we are not the only country celebrating our independence this week, there are many countries that are also celebrating the day that they came out from under the control of another and starting doing for themselves!  So this week we will celebrate with all of those countries, the big and the small, who have become a nation of their own. 

Happy Independence Day to all of us!!

Here is a list of the countries who gained independence this week. 
  • July 1- Somalia- in 1960 from Italy
An Independence Day parade in Somalia

  • July 1- Rwanda- in 1962 from Belgium

  • July 1- Burundi- in 1962 from Belgium

  • July 3- Belarus- in 1944 from German Occupation

  • July 4- United States- in 1776 from Great Britain

  • July 5- Venezuela- in 1811 from Spain

  • July 5- Cape Verde- in 1975 from Portugal

  • July 5- Algeria- in 1962 from France

  • July 6- Malawi- in 1964 from the United Kingdom

  • July 6- Comoros- in 1975 from France

  • July 7- Solomon Islands- 1978 from the United Kingdom

Seems we've got a lot of celebrating to do!! I'm not even sure where a lot of these countries are, much less how they celebrate so I'm going to have to do some more research- please hold.................
............ok, I'm back.  7 of the above countries are in (or islands around) Africa, so we will make an African art project.  Venezuela is in South America so we'll make some sort of yummy treat.  The Solomon Islands are in the area known as Oceana, near Papua New Guinea, so maybe we'll try to find something fun from that area.  Belarus is near Russia and I'm still craving those Russian pickles we bought during Russia week, so maybe a field trip or a recipe on how to make sour pickles?!  And, of course, the good ol' U.S. will get a day of celebration, art and food too!!  This is going to be a busy week!!!

Let's get ready to party!!!!