Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Week 32: France

Viva la France!!!

I'm off to a late start this week!  I think most world travellers have unexpected travel delays, right?  Well, we're here and ready to live it up in "gay Paree"!!

We've got some fun plans for the week, I just hope we get to them all.  I thought we'd have our very own Tour de France at the local park, we're definitely making an Eiffel Tower, and, hopefully, make it to the Cantor Arts Center at Stanford to see the exhibit on Rodin, the famous French sculptor. 

Oh, and the food - you can't think of France and not think of food!! 
I'm thinking a souffle (never made one before), chocolate mousse, and maybe a Saturday morning breakfast of croissants and fruit with a cafe au lait for dear Mere and Pere (Mom and Dad). We went to the library yesterday and found a few great books about France and, coincidentally, my daughter's class did an art project today that was supposed to emulate a woven French tapestry.  All this and more as we learn about France!!!! 

But first some interesting facts.....
  • France is the largest nation in Western Europe.  It was also once the 2nd largest colonial empire in the world.  At one time France ruled portions of North America, India, Africa, Madagascar, Asia, and many Caribbean and Pacific Islands.
  • France is the most visited country in the world.  It averages close to 80 million visitors a year!
  • France is famous for it's many castles and chateaus- there are over 40,000 castles.
  • France is also famous for it's cheese- there over 400 different types of cheese produced!
  • The capital, Paris, is known as the "City of Lights" but that was originally referring to the large number of "intellectuals" that live in Paris- not actual lights.
  • The Eiffel tower is the most well-known symbol of France. The tower will have it's own post this week- stay tuned :)
That's all the facts you folks are getting tonite- I have "jet lag" and the kids are clamoring for their dinner!  "French" fries and "haute" dogs- just kidding :)

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