Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Tour de France

On your mark, get set......

GO!!!!  That's probably not how they really start the Tour de France- but let's pretend.  We decided to get out and play today, so we are reinacting the Tour de France, that famous bike race held in France every year for the past 100 years.  It was first organized in 1903 as a promotion for a magazine and started with just 65 or so entrants hoping to win the 12,000 franc first prize.  The modern race has almost 200 riders all hoping to get to wear the yellow jersey (signifies fastest overall time) and collect the 450,000 euros! 

 The race is usually held in July, and although the course changes yearly, each race includes some treacherous rides through the French Alps and the Pyrenees and finishes near the famous Champs- Elysees.  The 23 days of the race includes 21 day-long segments that cover about 2000 miles when it's all said and done - UGH!!! 

Our version, we'll call it the Tour de Millbrae, was pretty flat, had 3 racers (sharing 2 bikes with training wheels) and was about a 100 yards long.  The winners all received a trophy but, sadly, no monetary prize.  Our prize was being lucky to live in an area where we can ride bikes in short sleeves in February. 

 I feel so bad for the Midwest and East Coast who are battling the horrible winter storms.  I hope you can get out in the warm sunshine soon, but until then, here are some pictures of beautiful France and the amazing athletes who race through it!

Riding past the Eiffel Tower
and through beautiful fields of sunflowers!


  1. I love it! And yes, being able to bikeride in Feb without snowsuits is a wonderful prize. :-)

  2. Those snowstorms came, because of my birthday, I always receive a snowstorm every year on my birthday! :D But I would also love to bike ride.