Sunday, June 9, 2013

Good times, Good friends

One of the important aspects of the Danish culture is the concept called "hygge" (pronounced hYOO-guh).  This phrase refers to anytime when you are surrounded by family and friends and relaxing with some good food and drinks.  To do it right it should have a cozy and warm feeling.  Think candles or firelight.  It is an emotion you feel as much as an event.
So, in the spirit of hygge, we spent last night hosting a backyard movie night.  We invited friends, new neighbors, family, and pretty much anyone who wanted to come.  We set up a projector and movie screen in the yard, threw a bunch of pillows and blankets on the grass and made sure the coolers were full of drinks.  Once it got dark the popcorn started popping and the beer (and juice) started flowing.  The adults got to catch up with each other while the kids got to watch movies under the starry skies....

Hygge is awesome!!!

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