Monday, May 6, 2013

Week 42: Argentina

What do you know about Argentina?

Before I started looking up facts for this post, I didn't know much more than location (South America) and capital (Buenos Aires).  Well, now I have a whole bunch of facts and I'm going to share them with you (Because I'm super nice.  You're welcome)

Did you know?
  • Because the country is so long, the North end is in a subtropical region and the Southern end is subpolar.  Bring layers :)

  • The largest dinosaur yet discovered was found in Argentina.  You could probably have guessed that from it's name - Argentinosaurus.

  • The Spaniards came to the area in the 1500s in search of silver.  The name Argentina comes from the Latin term for silver- Argentum.

  • The main exports of Argentina are honey, soybeans, wheat, sunflower seeds, wine and beef.  Argentina is the 3rd largest producer of beef in the world. Probably manure too but don't quote me on that :)  In fact, don't quote me on anything, ever.

  • The people of Argentina love going to the movies- they have one of the highest rates of movie goers in the world.

  • The national drink of Argentina is a type of tea called Yerba Mate.  It is traditional to drink it out of a gourd cup and silver straw.

  • Despite the fact that Argentina is a Spanish-speaking country, the majority of it's people are of European countries other than Spain, Germany and Wales for example. 

  • The national sport of Argentina is called Pato.  It is a combination of polo and basketball played on horseback.  The most popular sport in Argentina is football (soccer in the U.S.)

There, now we are experts on Argentina!  Of course, I using the term "experts" very, very loosely, but we do know a lot more than we did a few minutes ago.  I'm off to get some projects together while the hubby and kids are at the movies.  Maybe that can be one of their projects - going to the movies just like they do in Argentina!  Stay tuned for more about this diverse country :)

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