Friday, May 3, 2013

Let's Learn Some Maltese

Do you speak Maltese?

Well, then you can probably skip this post.  Thanks for checking in :)  Those of you still with me, let's learn a couple words and phrases.

The Maltese language is thought to have developed as a variation of Sicilian Arabic.  This form of Arabic hasn't been spoken in Sicily in over 700 years but it stuck with the Maltese and developed into the Maltese language used today.  Because the country was controlled by so many other countries, there are many words that are French, Arab, Spanish, Italian, Latin, German, Portuguese, and English.  In 1800, when the country was governed by the British, they tried to change the official language to English, but when the Maltese gained their independence in 1964, both Maltese and English were given the role of "official language".

Hello- hawn    Goodbye- caw     Please- jekk joghgbok
Thank You- grazzi     Yes- iva    No- le    I love you- Inhobbok

1- wiehed ( WEE-hed)   2- thejn (tneyn)    3- tlieta (TLEE-ta)
4- erbgna (EHR-ba)   5- hamsa (HAM-sa)   6- sitta (SIT-ta)
7- sebgna (SEH-ba)       8- tmienja (tmeehn-ya) 
9- disgna (DIH-sa)      10- ghaxra (AA-shra)

black- iswed    white- abjad     red- anmar      blue- blu
yellow- isfar    green- andar    orange- orangjo   purple- vjola

There, now you know the bare necessities  of the Maltese language.
I could really see the influences of the other cultures in many of the words.  Oh, I forgot one phrase-
L- iklat- tajba!  It means Bon Appetit!  You'll definitely need that phrase for my next post- we're making Pastizzi!!!!
Another picture of BEAUTIFUL Malta!!

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