Saturday, April 13, 2013

Friday Field Trip and German Lesson!

Friday Field Trip!

Actually it was a Thursday field trip, but that's because we had a dentist appointment today! (No cavities)  So yesterday after we visited Steve (daddy and husband) at the hospital where he is recovering from back surgery, we went to a fun German store I had heard about- Gourmet Haus Staudt.  I was expecting a small store with a tiny café, but this place was awesome!

  They had German snack food and mixes, knick-knacks and gifts, cuckoo clocks, more types of beer than I could count, fresh pretzels, sausages and even some cool hats.  It was a really fun little shop.  I wish we hadn't had lunch at the hospital because they had a German Bier Garten (Beer Garden) in the back where they served sausages and pretzels and sandwiches.  I'm still not eating carbs but the pretzels looked amazing!!  I know where I'm going when I need some carbs :) 

I wish I had more pictures to share but the battery died on the camera.  Oops.  We left with some German candies, some pretzel goldfish crackers that my son HAD to have, and a box of Spaetzle that I made for dinner.  They were basically egg noodles.  But "spaetzle" is more fun to say. 

Speaking of "fun to say"- 

Let's Learn Some German!!

German was once the unifying language of Central, Eastern and Northern Europe.  It is still taught in many areas outside of Germany as a second (or third) language.  German also has the most native speakers of any language in Europe.  So we should learn some....

Good Morning - Guten Morgen       Good Night - Gute Nacht
Good Bye-  Auf Wiedersehen     Thank You- Danke
Yes - Ja     No- Nein      I Love You - Ich Liebe Dich

1- ein        2- zwei       3- drei       4- vier      5 - funf
6 - sechs      7 - sieben    8 - acht    9 - neun    10 - zehn

red - rot     yellow - gelb     green - grun     blue - blau
black - Schwarz     white - Weiss

Monday -  Montag    Tuesday -  Dienstag    Wednesday - Mittwoch
Thursday - Donnerstag    Friday - Freitag    Saturday - Samstag
Sunday - Sonntag

Airplane- Flugzeug      Train - Bahn      Helicopter - Hubschrauber

That all for tonite folks, I'm beat and ready for bed!!  Gute Nacht!!

Aren't these cute?!  The store had every animal you could think of- all made of straw :)

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  1. wow! that looks like a fun place to visit! I've got some german roots --- would love to visit someday.