Friday, March 1, 2013

Le Eiffel Tower part deux

 Bigger and Better...

I was not about to leave my Eiffel Tower project being so frustrating and poorly executed, so we went back to the drawing board.  Remember our first week when we made a Native American tipi using PVC pipe? Well, I still have all that pipe sitting in the backyard, so we got 4 of them and a roll of duct tape and went to work!

Le Eiffel Tower (part deux)
For the project you will need:

  • 4 Long pieces of PVC pipe
  • Duct tape
1.  Join up your 4 pieces of pipe and wrap the tape around one end.
2.  Go about 18 inches down and wrap the tape around again.
3.  Stand up your pipes and spread the bottom of the pipes apart as far as they can go.  2 adults make this much easier!
4.  Decide where the 2nd and bottom platforms should be and put a row of duct tape around the spread pipes.  If this is going to stay up awhile you might want to brace the pipes open with something.
5.  Use the duct tape to make the arches and gridwork if you wish.
6.  Enjoy the view of your very own Eiffel Tower from the sidewalk cafe as you have a snack.  C'est Magnifique!!

  We had a great dinner that night after our visit to the Eiffel Tower!  I'll post it later, right now we are about to head to the museum to see some sculptures!!  I'll be sure to post pics from that adventure!! Bon Jour!!! 

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  1. I'm impressed at how eiffel tower-y it looks! The bends really look the way they are supposed to, that's cool!

    enjoy your sculptures. your kids'll love the naked ones. ;-)