Thursday, February 21, 2013

My 3 Wishes...

Rub Here.

Did your genie come out?  Nope, ours didn't either.  Bummer.  Anyway, since we had all planned out what we were going to wish for, I turned that into our art project.  Granted it wasn't the most artistic art project but we did it together as a family and talked a lot about what we really wanted versus what we needed to be happy.  The inspiration for the project came when we watched Aladdin.  I'd forgotten what fun that movie was!  Robin Williams is so great as the Genie.  So while we were watching we got to thinking about what we would wish for.....

 My daughter wished for a pink slide that goes into her new swimming pool, a puppy (!), and lots of money.  Her dollar signs are a little hard to see.  I hope her Pink Princess Genie comes through!!

My son obviously didn't want to color in his picture but his wishes were for a big house with a swimming pool, his own toy store and a long and happy life.  I gave him that last idea because he just wasn't in the mood.

My wishes were for a house on a lake with a dock and a boat.  Doesn't that sound relaxing? A happy and healthy family and enough money so that we never have to worry about money again.  I already have the second wish but understand how easily it could change!

My husband used his 3 wishes to have a happy and healthy family, a house for all our days, and happiness for all around us.  Whatta nice guy!  He should have been more specific about the house though - it needs 4 bedrooms and a pool or lake!!!

So those were our wishes and I hope one day they can come true, but until then, we have a wonderful family and a great house and all the friends we need.  Money? Well, we could always use more money but it's not as important as love and family.


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