Friday, February 1, 2013

Field Trip!

Off to the Library we go...

We had a little spare time today so I took the kids to the library.  I pictured us reading books about young Peruvian children playing games in the mountains.  Like Heidi, only with Peruvian names.  Well, other than a few books with Llamas as the main characters and some non-fiction books about the country that were a little too old for my kids, I didn't find much.  You'll be happy to know that the library will be a great source for our upcoming Chinese week!

So here are the books we found-  the Llama ones were actually very cute but totally not about Peru in the least.  We looked at the pictures in the non-fiction book.  The kids were enthralled by the pictures of the mummies of the ancient Incans.  I loved the outfits worn by the natives in the mountains.  We came home and were going to make some pipe flutes, but one thing led to another and now it's 8pm and, well, it's not going to happen.  So I will leave you with some pictures of Peru and Machu Picchu, the mountaintop Incan ruins.  Adios!

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