Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Field Trip (well kinda)

A Day at the Beach!

We are lucky, incredible lucky, to live where we do.  We are close to the beach (15 mins.), the snow (4 hrs), the Big City (30 mins.), and the country (1 hour).  However close we are though, our busy lives prevent us from taking advantage of all this very often, so this week I brought the BEACH home!!  On a smaller, more manageable scale that is!  Now we have our own Cayman Island beach in our backyard to play with anytime we want :) Mom and Dad can have a mai-tai and the kids can enjoy a little imaginative play!!

For your own personal beach you will need:
  • clean sand (we wanted that white sand found on the Caymans so we bought ours at Michaels)
  • asst. shells and starfish (also at Michaels)
  • water
  • big bin or water table to hold the mess in
  • shovels, toy fish, Barbies, etc. etc.
1. Pour out the sand to make your beach.  We also made a backdrop with the sun and a palm tree from construction paper.
2. Add the water.  Make your bin or water table tilted so the water stays on one end and doesn't just make wet sand. 
3. Add shells and starfish and whatever else your little heart desires.

4. Make sure Barbie (or actually, in this case, Tinkerbell) has her sunscreen on and HAVE FUN!!
This kept them entertained for longer than I expected and I didn't have to worry about sand in all those uncomfortable places like when you go to the real beach :)
The package of Starfish we bought for $2 at Michaels had all these teeny-tiny starfish!  They were so cute but then we got kinda bummed that they were killed so that people could make crafts.  My daughter is super-sensitive about that kind of stuff.

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