Wednesday, October 31, 2012


Hip Hip Hooray for the Aztecs!!!

Aztec scupture of figure holding a cacao pod
So there are a quite a few foods that the Aztecs are responsible for introducing to Europe - potatoes, tomatoes, beans and maize to name a few.  In my opinion though, Chocolate is the most important!! The use of chocolate in the area has been traced back to 1900 BC and it had a special role in the Aztec and Mayan cultures.  The cocoa beans were used as a form of currency and also made into a drink given mostly to warriors and royals.  The Aztec recipe for cocoa goes something like this-
1. ground cocoa, other spices and dried corn to a fine powder 2. mix this powder with cold water until frothy  3. Drink.   No sugar in the recipe so it must've been very bitter!  In 1528, when the conquistadors returned to Spain after conquering the Aztecs, they brought back the cocoa beans.  The Europeans added sugar and milk and the drink became popular among the royals and wealthy.  By 1657, the first "chocolate houses" were opened and the public could now enjoy drinking chocolate.  One of these chocolate houses made the first chocolate cake in 1674 and, years later in the 19th century, John Cadbury developed the process to make the first candy bar!!  And tonight is Halloween, when the children of America go trick -or-treating and celebrate that most wonderful of confections - CHOCOLATE!!!  Yeah for the Aztecs and Happy Halloween!!    

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