Friday, September 21, 2012

Thatsa Italian!

How to Speak Italian (well, a little)

So,  we’ve  had a great week in Italy.  We ate some good food, learned a little about a great man and painted a masterpiece.  We should probably have learned a little of the language first, right?  Well, I’ll try to do that next week but I was just so excited to get to the food J.   So let’s learn some basic phrases in Italian – you’ll need to clear the space around you and make sure your hands are empty so you can use big gestures!  If I offended any Italians, I’m sorry,  but I think that is a pretty accurate stereotype (with a few exceptions, I’m sure).  Ok, ready?

Hi – ciao        welcome – benvenuto      thank you – grazie     goodbye – arrivederci
Good luck – buona fortuna        (and my favorite)      I Love You – ti amo  
1 – uno        2- due       3- tre       4 – quattro        5- cinque
6 – sei          7 – sette      8 – otto      9- nove       10 – dieci

There, now you are that much closer to speaking Italian!!! 

 Arrivederci!  The family and I are going camping for the weekend- hope you have something fun planned as well  - Jenny

P.S.  I'll leave you a clue about next week - there's a big volcano and the singer Bjork is from there (she's the only person I can think of right now) 

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