Monday, August 20, 2012

Week 5!! South Africa

Week 5 -  Welcome to the Republic of South Africa!

Wow, I can't believe we're already on week 5!! I hope people are enjoying our adventure as much as I am- please leave me some comments or suggestions on projects, recipes or countries you'd like to visit.  This is all go-with-the-flow and if there's stuff you'd like to see I'm there!!  This week we decided to go south, South Africa that is.  Interesting country, lots of different ethnic groups (30!) so lots of different influences, 11 different official languages, and a history of deep racial prejudice :)  South Africa has a lot to talk about!!

Located at the very southern tip of Africa, the capital city of Pretoria (there are actually 3 capital cities) is located at 29º12' S/ 28º10' E  on your world maps.  Archeologists have found human fossils in the area of South Africa dating back 3,000,000 years, making it considered by some as the Cradle of Humankind. It is also sometimes called the "Rainbow Nation" due to the 30 different ethnic groups that are living in South Africa.  The democratic government includes all of the different ethnicities but it has not always been so.  Between 1948 - 1990, the practice of Apartheid was the cause of much racial division.  The segregation among the black Africans and the English-speaking whites and Afrikaaners (descendants of Dutch settlers) meant that the native black population was living in poverty while the white colonists were getting rich off the county's wealth of diamonds and gold.  Since President de Klerk abolished apartheid the country has worked very hard and successfully to regain a peaceful equality.  The flag of South Africa represents that idea.

The green band is said to represent the joining of seperate ideas as they begin a new road. I admire the attitude and the willingness of the people to join together as one. 

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